Turn Your Garage Into A Selling Showpiece

Posted by Alan Zunec on Monday, April 28th, 2014 at 2:40pm.

Garages are not just for cars anymore. Some are workshops, designated man caves that allow for some personal space that you’re not afraid to mess up a bit. Others are converted to exercise rooms, art studios or any other bit of space that provides some type of entertainment or use factor. If you’re selling your home, a more versatile garage is an excellent selling point.


The Floors Have It

Your garage floors should be clean and free of cracks, dings and pitting. Resurfacing the floor adds value. While a new concrete pad is great, getting a new polished concrete floor is even better. If your garage has already been converted to that art studio or yoga space hardwood floors wouldn’t go amiss. Laminate isn’t so bad either. Perhaps your garage floors are in good shape. Getting them polished will give them a whole new look.

About Those Walls

You may be happy with a garage that has unfinished walls. But, if your goal is to get the best price possible for your property it’s worth it to put in some insulation and sheet rock and then paint the finished walls in a neutral shade. Don’t go to crazy or dark on the color so the new owner can repaint over it with ease. If you already have the dry wall up make sure it’s in good shape. Unprotected dry wall is subject to pits, holes and scratches. If the surface is too rough to patch easily you might want to re-do the dry wall. It’s usually easier to get to the insulation this way.

Can You Say Ceiling?

What type of ceiling do you have in your garage? If the garage leads straight up to the rafters, do you have enough space to put in an attic?  That attic could be used as storage space or even for an onsite rental if the zoning in your area permits it. If an attic is too tight a squeeze but you still have a nice beamed ceiling you might want to add a skylight or two to bring in more natural light. Leave the space open, airy and inviting.

Wired For…Just About Anything

Older garages in particular don’t tend to have a lot of power outlets. They may be old, not grounded (two prongs) or hidden in area’s you’d need to be a contortionist to reach. Before you tackle the wall or ceiling situations, do a little rewiring. Make sure you install grounded plugs (three prongs) and have them easily accessible. You might go as far as putting in a cable or internet connection. Both will get potential buyer attention. So will air conditioning and a security system.

Spruce Up the Outside

Prettying up the inside without at least putting a fresh coat of paint on the outside of the garage is just silly. Potential buyers will most likely see the outside first, depending on the layout of your property. Other options include putting up siding, stucco or even adding stone accents. The latter improvements are a little more costly but make a bigger impression.

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