Technology creating and connecting the world

Posted by Alan Zunec on Sunday, February 7th, 2016 at 11:02pm.

There is a dramatic shift that is happening in the world . Many consumers are turning to the web in order too compete with business or services that used to be brick and mortar types . What my blog is about how you can connect to these changes , adapt and the implications on you . In the next 5 to 10 years the world will become much more connected .

Facebook is creating along with Google an amazing experience for its users . More satellites are being created to improve how things are being done . Many of the worlds populations live in remote areas and what the nice option of having access to exceptional opportunities . Humanity is about service and how to improve or enhances services , people or products .

For examples if you are looking to buy, rent or sell a home you used to look in the newspaper . Currently you go online for valuable information and actually see the pictures with additional details . We are in the Information Age and the web is such a helpful resource .

People look for many things online . Consumers look for purchase information to make an informed decision . This used to never be such a simple option . You would look at a catalogue , print material or a flyer . The newspaper must be starving as they keep getting smaller like the yellow pages every year . These items used to be valuable  except  for grocery items , classified sections hardly even exist . Community newspapers no longer serve the community . They are pretty well full of useless expensive advertising .

Environmentally active people don't want this . Cell phone or mobile users are looking for answers to many questions and can get online user reviews instantly . Experience truly showcases why people write negative and positive reviews to a point . The cool part is that is worldwide and in any destination .Weather reports , current news and developments are popular  .  Hiring professionals can happen to your local area that you are in .

You  can  learn about so topics by using the power of the web. Online videos bring credibility to the end user about certain products and services . People love to interact and learn. Data is big online . Stats that we want to know what is real versus fake . Economic fundamentals are interesting . I'm so glad that learning is a way of life . If you wish to talk shop or real estate , please feel free to connect with me . 


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