Plan for Municipal Partnership in Calgary Region Getting Revamp

Posted by Alan Zunec on Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at 7:24am.

Doug Griffiths is the new minister of municipal affairs in Alberta, and he is concerned about the proposed Calgary Regional Partnership plan, or CRP. Griffiths has yet to support the plan because of concerns about urban expansion, and the fact that a voting structure allows Calgary veto privileges.

The minister also does not want to force membership by the various municipalities, because in doing so it becomes less of a cooperative partnership and more of a forced association. Such situations often impede free flowing discussions, and may end up with those municipalities refusing to work together.

Right now the plan for the Calgary Metropolitan Plan is being rewritten. It was to be done by this past December, but an extension was granted, with the new due date being sometime in July. The new plan will be fairer to rural municipalities.

MD Reeve Larry Spilak will also be working on the new plan, promising to talk to the CRP and address certain issues before signing on to the CMP. Of major concern is that Calgary veto, given to the city because it has 84 percent of the area’s population. That means if Calgary does not support an issue, it won’t pass, despite the opinions of other member municipalities.

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