Patio Design 101

Posted by Alan Zunec on Monday, June 9th, 2014 at 6:48pm.

Host your favorite outdoor events in a patio that matches your design and space needs. For all the fun, social occasions you can enjoy in your yard, remember to keep a flat, structured area for your furniture, tables, and chairs. To protect your guests from unexpected rain or relentless sunlight, think about adding an awning or shade. This will keep unpredictable weather from raining on your parade.  Here are some ways you can take advantage of your outdoor space for optimal summer entertaining in your home.

Create A Level Surface For Parties And Dinners

Small or large, your patio needs to be solid and level to support a social garden party or barbeque.  A level surface will allow you and guests to comfortably and safely use furniture, cooking accessories, and dining areas during meals or events. Stone or concrete patios are a great and inexpensive choice for people who already have backyards that are fairly level.

Patio Covers

1. Keep It Simple With The Gable

Use a simple, basic construction to keep the patio protected. The gable uses two roof planes that connect at a tall peak. The gable can be erected close to a main building or off on its own, and can give you much-needed shade for your dining table or barbeque grill.

2. Free Your Outside Space

Skillions protect you from the rain while keeping the outdoors feeling like, well, the outdoors. These covers use a single angled roof pane and angle down towards a previously-existing structure with an open side. Skillions will keep you dry but won't make you feel claustrophobic.

3. Patio Like An Egyptian

Functional pyramids are a stylish and useful option for your patio. Much like its name suggests — all four roof panes create a tall, pyramid shape above the structure. Pyramids are great for backyard destinations like Jacuzzis, campfires, and picnic tables as they are freestanding. Think about using the pyramid as a great solution for a smaller, more confined area.

4. Make It Hip

If you have a larger yard or patio, the hip roof might be the best option. Much like the pyramid, the hip also uses four roof-panes. The main difference lies in the base: instead of using a square base like the pyramid, the hip has two longer sides that help to shade a large space and keep the area looking dynamic.  Use these for larger outdoor structures like kitchens, large dining tables, and pools. This cover can be freestanding or attached to the home.

5. Versatility And Elegance In The Dome

When the hip design won't cut it for bigger, larger spaces, consider the dome. Rather than the harsher pyramid design used with smaller covers, dome covers offer a more elegant curved appearance to the roof. Domes are the best choices for wide areas like wedding venues or graduation parties. If your area isn't as wide but still very long, a half-dome design will work wonders.

Can My Yard Have A Patio?

Unfortunately, not every space is patio-friendly. Big yards are pretty well-suited to having a patio, but if your outdoor area is smaller a deck can often monopolize the space. If you have a small yard but your heart's set on an outdoor structure, choose a smaller cover that will keep the area feeling open.

Don't let a hilly, uneven yard keep you from using the area to its fullest!  There are a number of ways to prepare, install, and safely maintain a big, beautiful patio for entertaining and dining to your heart's content.

A professional patio architect will be able to give you a beautiful, unique deck that will not only see to your needs but also cater to your tastes. They will also be able to give you a good warranty, file the property-related nitty-gritty, and give you a more relaxed experience.
Aside from the investment in property that a patio represents, it's also a fantastic way to take advantage of your outdoor area during the warmer summer months.  Spend time with friends and family by sharing a meal or throwing a party in your new outdoor space!

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