Outdoor Renovations Create Interest, Generate Sales

Posted by Alan Zunec on Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 at 8:40am.

Getting potential clients to look at a property means grabbing their attention before they even step inside the front door. This is what is known as curb appeal. It is akin to window shopping. Think about it, you walk down a downtown street or along a mall corridor and check out what is in the windows. An enticing window invites you into the shop and is an effective sales tool. Shopping for a home is psychologically no different. The next time you drive down a neighborhood street, take a look at the homes and see which one you would most like to enter.

The first step in getting a home ready for sale is to give it a good wash. That means front, sides and all the windows. This may mean a coat of paint if taking off that layer of dirt reveals a less than pristine surface. Take a look at your walkways and steps and have them repaired if they are cracked or damaged. Replace your front door if needed, and if you have a screen door, make sure that is presentable, with no tears or rust. Make sure your entry light, as well as all other exterior lights, are in good working order.

A driveway that is a bit worn can be given new life with a wash and an application of a sealer that goes on like paint. Then look at your roof with a critical eye. Replace loose shingles and clean out the gutters. Finally, take a good look at the overall picture your home creates. Would a few manicured plants add colour and class? Is the lawn in good shape? Is the porch or yard cluttered? Are your trees in need of a trim? All of these improvements help you not only get a quicker sale, but a better price.

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