Moving With Children – Almost Sounds Like a Sitcom

Posted by Alan Zunec on Thursday, November 12th, 2015 at 1:21pm.

Moving is fun, isn’t it? Not. Moving with children is even more fun. Not, not, not. But sometimes we just have to bite the bullet if we want to transport our households from one location to the next. As we’ll see, communication goes a long way in making a move with children go smoothly.


The Stress Factor

Kids know when something is up. Some may let you know they’re not happy. Others will brood about it or misbehave in other ways. Moving is stressful on kids. They have to face leaving familiar surroundings, their school and their friends. If this is your first move it’s usually worse because they’re leaving the only home they’ve ever known. Kids also worry about the new place they’re going to. It’s hard for some kids to make new friends, adjust to a new school or other surroundings. Little kids may not understand. Teens may rebel. It happens.

Explain What Moving Is

Some kids get it into their heads that when you pack up all their belongings they’ll be gone for good. That means they’ll loose their favorite toys, blankets and other trinkets. Explain about the moving van, the furniture being transported to their new home along with their treasures.

Get Kids Involved

Let the kids pack their own boxes so they feel part of the process. Psychologically they think they are putting their treasures away for safekeeping. That’s different than mom and dad coming in and packing everything away and then they come home to an empty room.

Visit Your New Digs

If it’s feasible, drive by your new home and let the children see where they’ll be living. As they say, seeing is believing. If you live too far away, show pictures of the new place. If you don’t have you own shots your realtor should have some photos online you could pull up and share. Having something tangible to look at makes things seem so much more real.

After the Move

Once you’ve moved into the new place let your kids unpack their own boxes. They’ll be happy to see that their favorite items have made it safe and sound. They can they go about making those new bedrooms their own. Surrounded by familiar items, your kids will have a much easier time of adjusting to the change.


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