Is Buying A Condo Or A House Right For You?

Posted by Alan Zunec on Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 5:14pm.

There are also many things to consider when you are buying a property. The first thing to start off with is whether buying a house or a condo is the right decision for your particular requirements. Is this page, we outline the differences so you can make an informed decision about which of these property styles is right for you.

Probably the most important consideration you need to think about is how much time you want to spend maintaining your home. If you have a green thumb and like to spend time in the garden, you are probably best to go the route of a house purchase. What about your children? If you have kids, can you see them being happy within the confines of a condominium? A condo will often come with a certain amount of amenities. Is having an exercise room key to your lifestyle? Does the idea of having someone else shovel your walks and move your lawn appeal to you? Is you answered yes, then condominium living might be right up your alley?

One distinct advantage to living in a house is that you have complete control over changes to the property, within the guidelines set out by the municipality that you live in. This allows you a high level of flexibility to create a living space that is perfect for your lifestyle. In most condo ownership situations, there are certain rules and guidelines that you must follow. There are also condo fees to consider when entering into an agreement to purchase a condominium, although it's smart to put this kind of money aside when living in a house as well for incidental upkeep.

Always make sure you are taking a positive step towards making the right decision for your future by familiarizing yourself with all the documentation available about the rules of the condo association or community guidelines for the area that you are purchasing a house. Purchasing a property with a community that is gated might not be the best option for your lifestyle. Living in a condominium with strict rules and guidelines might be a little restrictive for how you want to develop and add to your properties value. On the other side, living in a maintenance free accommodation might be exactly the type of thing you are looking for with this purchase. There are many options available to consumers, and we are happy to guide you through the process.

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