How to save money and get good insurance coverage

Posted by Alan Zunec on Friday, February 26th, 2016 at 10:00pm.

When you are looking for insurance , its important you understand exactly what you are getting for your hard earned buck . First and foremost , insurance is based on the principle that you pay a premium based on risk . This includes factors like claims history previous , how long you have been insured , the type of insurance you have covered , any lapse in your policy , have you insured your home, car and business before ?   

Tips on how to pay less 

Always shop around ! Get a quote . Find about different deductibles ? See if you can get professional designation or group work discounts . Discounts would include claims free , age , multi line for example your car and home bundled up. Alarms discounts , online web discounts , postal code or not in flood zone discounts . New carriers to the area or even out of province might help . There is a big difference between a broker and a direct writer. A direct writer would be like Td insurance or Rbc insurance . You want to shop around for not only the best price , but coverage also .

Here are some interesting things about insurance !

Always look at policy limits for coverages like theft , money , securities , computer or software equipment . You need to read the fine print as there is usually limitations on items. Find about off premise coverage for any tools or business items . Some companies, need evidence of forced entry in order to pay a claim or loss . Items like golf equipment  ,  watches or jewelry have limitations . Make sure your not stuff with limited or no cover.

How to prove your loss 

As you are aware you will need to prove your loss if you ever have one . Take pictures, keep receipts , hold onto manuals , ask your accountant, have a really good grasp of what you own. Today , this are not just bought with cash , credit card records , debit or proof of purchase is pretty common too . For electronic items hold onto warranty items or any work orders which would show that you owned the items in question. The nice part you might have records of the make , model and year of the item.

If you have a theft loss , most insurers will need a police report or a statement to make sure your not inflating your loss or claim. They will often look on places to make sure your not selling them on popular sites or dumping them for fast cash. It's up to you to prove your loss .Accurate records help make the claims process must easier and hassle free.

What to do if you have a dispute    

Get ready for a battle . Pull your credit history . Show the company you have paid your premium for years . Contact the boss . Use the statute of limitations in your policy to get what you deserve . Got to small claims court if there is an issue. Always try to deal in the most easy manor to make it easier to return your life to your previous condition . You want to deal in the most fare and honest way . That's why insurance is affordable for most people .  

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