Finding Your Perfect Home Means Doing A Bit Of Neighbourhood Sleuthing

Posted by Alan Zunec on Saturday, April 13th, 2013 at 1:37pm.

Thinking about buying a home? Research is the key to assuring that you find the home of your dreams. In addition to considering location, cost and mortgage issues you might want to look at the following before making your decision.

If you are looking for a home in an area that you are familiar with you already have some idea of neighbourhood quirks such as busy traffic times and noise levels. But it’s always nice to view a potential home at different times of the day. The real estate showing may have been held during the quiet of the morning when kids are in school and most of the neighbours have gone to work. Wander back to the neighbourhood in the late afternoon or early evening to see what the traffic and noise levels are like.

Home inspections are a must. No matter how pretty and new that house looks, it’s necessary to get a look at the inner workings. The National Association of Exclusive Buyers notes that all properties have defects, even if they are small. Some of the things these experts look for are evidence of termites and lead paint. A home inspection will identify these defects and others, which could affect the asking price. Then again if the home has too many problems you may decide to pass on the property, period.

If the homeowner and/or their real estate agent are claiming recent improvements to the property, ask for details on those improvements. Even if the improvements are obvious, like an updated kitchen, it’s nice to get a look at the paperwork to see exactly what was done. This will help you in the timing and planning of your own updates.

Check out the neighbourhood, more than once. Where are the stores, the schools, parks and playgrounds? Is there an airport runway two blocks away? Are you under the flight path? Is a railway line nearby? What about a fire or police station? While it’s comforting to have the latter two venues nearby, remember that the lights and sirens go on with every call response and that’s 24/7.

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