Calgary’s Ten-Year Transportation Plan Approved by Council

Posted by Alan Zunec on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 at 12:36pm.

The council of the city of Calgary just approved a ten-year transportation infrastructure plan. Called the Investment in Mobility plan, it focuses on using funding to improve and maintain the city’s infrastructure, with projects outlined through 2022.

They used a number of items to prioritize projects. Each project was evaluated as to how it would help Calgary’s long term plans and how well it coordinated or fit in with the 60-year transportation plan. The projects were also evaluated as far as how they benefited current issues, such as addressing citizen concerns received via the 311 line or how they would help with high congestion areas.

At present, roughly 80 percent of funding for infrastructure projects comes from federal and provincial sources. A number of the programs in place will expire beginning in 2013 so that percentage will gradually decrease. Calgary is expected a funding gap of some $2 billion. That means some projects will not move forward until alternate funds are found. The project evaluations make sure the most needed projects are taken care of.

Some of the projects on the table during the next decade include adding more bus only lanes, purchasing new buses and train cars for public transit, widening priority roadways and building needed interchanges, altering traffic flow to decrease congestion and keep up the maintenance on bridges, roads, trains and transit buses.

To finish all the projects on the list, Calgary would have to come up with some $4.5 billion during the next decade.

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