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Bishop Grandin High School (Something Extraordinary For Every Student)


Bishop Grandin High School is one of the largest high schools in Calgary with a student enrollment of over 1,800 students. It is located at 111 Haddon Road SW, Calgary, Alberta, in the community of Haysboro. BGHS serves the surrounding communities of Acadia, Fairview, Kingsland, Eagle Ridge, Pump Hill, Palliser, Braeside, Southwood, and Willow Park. The school also has attendees from all areas of the south and greater Calgary area.

 Communites in Calgary Close to Bishop Grandin

Bishop Vital Grandin was born on February 8, 1929, in Mayenne, France, and was ordained into the priesthood in 1854. He spent a life devoted to the conversion of the Indian peoples and came to the aid of prairie settlers. He was appointed Bishop of St. Albert in 1871. When Bishop Grandin arrived in Alberta there were only 5 Catholic missionaries that served the entire northwest. When he died in 1902, there were 50 schools, 65 missions, 2 seminaries and 3 hospitals. He became a legend in his own time throughout the west and northlands. His life is an outstanding role model for today due to his tenacity, faith and courage, and Bishop Grandin HS is honored to have him as their patron.

 Bishop Grandin Is Part of the Catholic School District

Bishop Grandin’s Vision Statement is committed to lifelong learning by fostering positive relationships, promoting high standards, and striving for academic excellence within a climate of collaboration and open communication. The school offers a wide variety of courses including Arts, Diploma Preparation Courses, Diverse Learner Support, Drama, English, First Nations Metis and Inuit (FNMI) Education, Hockey Canada Program, International Languages, Mathematics, Music, Off-Campus Education, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Science and Social Studies. It offers students an Advanced Placement (A.P.) program, extensive art, Extended French program, an Integrated Occupation program, International Languages, Active Life Skills and an extensive Technology Studies program. Religious studies are also an integral part of Bishop Grandin. All students are required to enroll in one Religious Studies course in each year of their high school program. Diploma examination results are among the highest in the City of Calgary and the Calgary Catholic School District and rank above the provincial average.


Choir and music programs are offered, which includes an elite marching band. The “Marching Ghosts” is the only Elite High School marching show band in Calgary that had it humble beginnings in 1986. The “Ghosts” now support a band size of over 100 musicians. This band has been recognized and has performed all over the world including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, as well as across Canada. Bishop Grandin also has one of the finest show choirs in Canada, often performing Canada-wide and throughout the United States.


Bishop Grandin is also known for its competitive sports teams. BGHS offers students a large athletics program including cross-country, girls’ soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, badminton, field hockey, rugby, boys’ soccer, and track and field. The school also has a competitive robotics competition every year. Teams pool resources to build a robot that is entered into a regional competition. Fundraising is done to cover the majority of costs. For more information on Bishop Grandin High School, visit:

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