Alberta Health Care Plan Held Up In Political Wrangling

Posted by Alan Zunec on Friday, November 12th, 2010 at 5:24pm.

The Province of Alberta has been working on a new health capital plan for months now. The unveiling is already seven months late and Gene Zwozdesky, the Health Minister, is saying that the details are still being worked out. There are considerations being discussed for the construction of new health facilities in the provinces two major cities, Calgary and Edmonton. The province is making sure that there is enough in the budget to cover both the construction costs and the running of the facilities once they are open.

One project that is awaiting funds is a new cancer center in Calgary. The Tom Baker Cancer Centre has been at capacity for seven years and it is the only treatment center of its kind in Calgary. Zwozdesky won’t give any hint whether the project is on or off the table. Neither will any other government official working on the health plan.

The Liberal Party let the Stelmach led government know in its Thursday question period that they and the people of Alberta were displeased with the delay. The plan includes a $1.25 billion fund for Edmonton and Calgary to use for their much needed health centre projects.

Alberta’s ER system is also in need of funding, and soon. According to many physicians throughout the province, particularly in large cities such as Edmonton and Calgary, the system is on the brink of collapse. The wait times are extreme and ER wards as well as other hospital sections are overcrowded. Let’s just say that the sooner the new health care plan is implemented, the better.

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