November 2015

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1. Negotiate on Your Behalf

Negotiation skills can always be taught, but the only way to put that theory into continuous practice is through experience. An experienced real estate agent will have been in many different negotiating situations under different circumstances and will have the benefit of that experience when dealing with your real estate needs.

2. Understand the Buyer

An experienced real estate agent will have dealt with home buyers of different personality types. An understanding of human behaviour in the context of real estate is an advantage to have, especially when it comes to reading a consumer's thoughts and actions that may possibly prevent a sale from happening or running smoothly.

3. Understand the Market


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Moving is fun, isn’t it? Not. Moving with children is even more fun. Not, not, not. But sometimes we just have to bite the bullet if we want to transport our households from one location to the next. As we’ll see, communication goes a long way in making a move with children go smoothly.


The Stress Factor

Kids know when something is up. Some may let you know they’re not happy. Others will brood about it or misbehave in other ways. Moving is stressful on kids. They have to face leaving familiar surroundings, their school and their friends. If this is your first move it’s usually worse because they’re leaving the only home they’ve ever known. Kids also worry about the new place they’re going to. It’s hard for some kids to make new friends,

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