September 2015

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You’ve made the decision to sell your property. Here are some tips for making your sales process more successful.

Understand the Buyer’s Mentality

By the time most prospective buyers get to your home to view the property, they are most likely already focused on the most important things they are looking for in a house. Are you within their price range? Do they like the neighborhood? Does your home meet your space requirements? And more.

So why buy your home instead of any other one? Any real estate agent worth their salt can tell you that emotional responses are the most important factor. Once the basic requirements are filled, they will almost always choose to buy the house that just “felt like home.”

With this in mind, what can you do to

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Soon after, if not before, the purchase of your new home comes the time that you should find a way to get to know your neighbours. In order to build a good foundation with your community, the ideal solution is to start allowing the neighbours around you to become acquaintances. This could start preventing a number of future problems from rising and help your family to settle in easier. Understandably, not everyone is people friendly however—the reasons you should start mingling with your new community are endless. Here are a few reasons to consider the importance of community living:

Mountains Out of Mole Hills

It is very easy among people living closely together for the smallest issue to snowball into larger problems. Typically, most of these

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