July 2015

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There comes a time in every parent’s life when the home they have loved for years suddenly feels too small.

It may happen with the birth of their first child, or it might not happen until baby number two or even three makes an appearance. But at some point, it does happen. These small bundles of joy require a surprising amount of stuff, which can suddenly make the space you are living in feel too cramped. You start daydreaming about more bedrooms, a second bathroom, maybe even a yard.

When the time does come to upsize your family home, here are some things you should definitely consider.

Bedroom Placement

You know you want a three-bedroom home, but what’s also important is where those three bedrooms are located within the home.

If you have

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Price matters. Strategic pricing could mean the difference between potential buyers finding your home or missing it altogether. In general, people search in particular dollar increments depending on what they can afford to purchase. When looking for a house, buyers commonly search in multitudes of 25,000. For example, if a buyer is searching www.rew.ca to purchase a house up to $600,000 and you have listed your home at $609,000 with the intention to negotiate $9,000 off the asking price, you are far better off to list right at $600,000. At a maximum search price of $600,000, the potential buyer is not even considering your home as an option; they have missed it entirely.


When marketing a home, it is crucial to have quality photos in

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