April 2015

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For most of us, having access to water is as easy as turning on a faucet and filling up a cup. Most of us are also used to using water a lot in our daily lives. However, we often forget that clean water is a precious resource we can't afford to waste not just in our municipalities but in our homes as well.

  • Most water on the planet is undrinkable
  • Major draught has swept across the continent in the last decade that has been devastating to crops throughout the country.
  • Water is a utility that, when not conserved, causes higher expenses to individuals paying bills.

Conserving water's not just the environmentally responsible thing to do; it's the best thing to do for the home as well.

When Using The Bathroom:

1. Don't Flush Excess Water

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Open houses are a great way to garner interest in your property. They are meant to show off and provide information about the property. But, be careful you don’t give up too much information. If you are too chatty or forthcoming it may come back to haunt you when it’s time for potential buyer to make offers.

Why Are You Selling?

This question comes up quite a bit. Be very vague with your answer. A potential buyer doesn’t need to know you already have another home lined up or are dealing with family issues. Even if you are desperate to sell your property, don’t let on this is the case. It could cost you money.

Too Much Information – Don’t Blab

You may have to put your tendency to gab on hold during an open house. Going on about the projects you

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