March 2015

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Let's save you, the buyer, some money in this article. When you are looking at homes for sale and finally find one you like how do you know it is in good shape? You can put an offer on the home and then get an inspector in to look at it. This is a great idea but could cost you money multiple times.

Lets say you like a home and want to put in an offer. You would put in conditions. One would probably be a home inspection condition, this we strongly advise. Now what if the inspection goes badly and you don’t buy the property. Now you have to look again and pay the inspector another $300-$500 dollars to make sure the repairs were done. We will show you what to look for to give you an idea of what to expect. So you can prepare yourself or not even bother

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When looking to invest in real estate, one of the biggest factors to consider is the neighbourhood. The right neighbourhood can be the deciding factor in turning over your investment. No matter how pretty the house, how much of a “good deal” you are getting, if you fail to pay close attention to location, community and any added features surrounding the home, then it may not end up being such a deal breaker after all. The main tips to choosing that just-right neighbourhood that will make your real estate an actual investment versus just buying a house to renovate:


Families who are renting or buying a home will insist on spending money on a home or apartment, but will want to make sure their children are in good schools. This is why it is

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