October 2014

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Home staging is an art. The intent is to make a home look desirable, to make potential home buyers fall in love with the place and hopefully put in an offer. But like all forms of art, home staging can be overdone. Like they used to say about makeup, and maybe they still do, “less is more.” If you have the artistic flair to tastefully stage your home, they go for it. If not, you may end up spending time and money with less than stellar results.


Boring Homes Don’t Sell

Your home should look and feel like real people live there. Of course these folks are neat, have things tastefully furnished and don’t have doo-dads and pictures covering every bit of wall and table space. But removing all the personality from a room is just as bad. You don’t

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Sometimes you just never know what will trigger a potential home buyer’s response to a home. They may walk in the front door and see a decadent but borderline light fixture and the first bit of negativity will start to appear. Or they may not even get in the front door if the neighbor’s dog noisily charges the fence. Even worse, there is no fence and the only thing holding the lunging, barking critter is a length of chain. Suddenly the car seems a much safer place. Is there a way to adequately deal with such happenings? Sometimes yes. At other’s the situation may be out of your control.

Iffy Neighbors

As a realtor you can make sure the property for sale is beautifully staged, that the outside has a fresh coat of paint and that the bushes and lawns are

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