September 2014

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Because the world of mortgage lending is boundless, the language for first time buyers is easy to confuse. A buyer should familiarize themselves with common mortgage terms so they can understand the process as well as the mortgage conditions that are offered prior to entering a bank. The top seven mortgage terms and their meanings, Canadian buyers should know, are listed below:

Down Payment: This is the amount of payment that is given to the seller that is not covered by the loan. The higher the down payment the lower the risk the buyer is considered to have. The larger the down payment, the more interest the buyer is assumed to have invested in the property. A larger down payment lowers the LTV and if it falls below eighty percent mortgage insurance may…
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Accumulating piles of useless stuff in our home is an easy thing to do over the years but if you are planning to move into a smaller space you will probably need some serious organizational skills to de-clutter and downsize your stuff to fit your new home. Here are some tips that can help you with the downsizing process so it isn’t so painful for your family.

Plan A Family Declutter Date

Getting the whole family involved in setting up a declutter date is the first step in getting you closer to actually doing it. Experts recommend setting a date makes this activity more real and by getting your whole family involved decreases the chances of procrastination.

Use Boxes That Are Large And Labeled

Prepare two large labeled boxes per room. One for the

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