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A Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA, is a report that gives homeowners a more accurate idea of the value of their home. When it comes time to sell that home, a CMA also gives you an idea of what the list price should be. A number of items are looked at to generate these reports, including those below. Data is collected from your local area to insure that you are comparing apples to apples.

Start with Location

Your home should always be compared with similar properties in the same area. Some neighborhoods are pricier than others, even if you have similar properties. You are paying for the address as much as the physical house. Locations within neighborhoods also have variable degrees of desirability. A home near power lines, railroads or busy

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It is no secret that house hunting can be stressful. You are not alone when you can easily find something much more pressing to do than spending your weekend visiting open houses. Cleaning your parent’s attic or clearing out a file drawer that you haven’t touched in five years can suddenly become very important things that need to be done right away.


Buying a new house is no simple project. It is a huge investment that can easily cause a lot of stress. Even before you start looking, the importance of the task can begin to make you worry — you need to get it right!

It’s important to realize that simple organization can make house hunting much less stressful. To make the process easier and as enjoyable as possible use these five tips.


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The last data from Statistics Canada concerning the number of people that have migrated to the Calgary area dates back to July of 2013.  In the 12 months before that date 45,168 people moved to the Calgary Census Metropolitan Area. And they are still coming and still very interesting in buying homes.

This past winter in Calgary was particularly brutal, but those home buyers were out looking. 2014 is already shaping up to be a banner year. With 30 percent fewer homes listed, the market is strongly favoring the sellers. That means higher prices, multiple offers and in some cases bidding wars.

In January of this year 2,393 homes were listed, a 4 percent drop from January of 2013. February with its 2,711 listings and March with 3,319 both saw slight increases.…
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