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Garages are not just for cars anymore. Some are workshops, designated man caves that allow for some personal space that you’re not afraid to mess up a bit. Others are converted to exercise rooms, art studios or any other bit of space that provides some type of entertainment or use factor. If you’re selling your home, a more versatile garage is an excellent selling point.


The Floors Have It

Your garage floors should be clean and free of cracks, dings and pitting. Resurfacing the floor adds value. While a new concrete pad is great, getting a new polished concrete floor is even better. If your garage has already been converted to that art studio or yoga space hardwood floors wouldn’t go amiss. Laminate isn’t so bad either. Perhaps your garage

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Surprisingly enough, improving your house’s bathroom(s) is among the best ways in which you can add value to your home. Such improvements could range from something as small as simply ensuring that there are a sufficient number of well-placed electrical outlets – ideally, a twin set that could be used to create “his and hers”-style stations – all the way up to a complete renovation, complete with brand new fixtures and improved plumbing.

When doing this, make sure to take into account the type of bathroom: are you planning to improve the master bathroom? A guest bathroom? Or does your house have a single bathroom for general use? In cases where the main bathroom and/or the guest bathrooms are on the house’s main floor, privacy dictates that these

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New York has the highest monthly parking rates in North America. No surprise. It’s so crazy in the Big Apple that cars are parked in buildings that have stacked parking spaces. Think of it as a bunch of lockers but they’re big enough to hold cars. An elevator takes the car to and from its designated monthly spot while the owner looks on from below. Seems almost space age, doesn’t it?

Calgary may not have the car cubby-holes, at least not yet, but it does hold the distinction of having the highest downtown monthly parking rates in Canada. The city is also number two in North America, right behind space age New York. A recent survey found that the average cost of a monthly parking spot in Calgary was $473.

That same survey looked at 12 of Canada’s major metro…
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