September 2013

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One hundred years ago this past September 18 the Hudson Bay Company opened its downtown Calgary store. This was a time when transportation was mostly by horse and carriage or on foot. Gentlemen didn’t leave the house without their hats and pocket watches and, preferably, hand crafted canes. The ladies were adorned head to toe in fine lace and satins with matching hats and frilly parasols to ward off the sun’s rays. Sunscreen wasn’t yet part of the vocabulary.

Hudson’s sales staff, mostly women, would stand at attention waiting for customers to arrive and giving them their undivided attention. Take a good look at some of the British dramas set in that era and you’ll get the idea. The Victorian age was an era of politeness, outstanding customer service

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International investors have their sights trained on Canada’s luxury home market. Buyers from the United States, Russia, China, India and the Middle East are snapping up properties in the $1 million and above categories in near-record rates. Combine this with domestic interest and Calgary has experienced a 67 percent increase in these types of home sales comparing the first half of 2013 with the last half of 2012. This trend is expected to continue throughout the fall.

Mike Fotiou, a Calgary broker with First Place Realty, noted that sales of luxury homes in August broke the 2007 record with a third of that month still remaining. By the 19th of August the city saw 42 homes in the $1 million plus category change hands. In August of 2007, 38 such sales

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