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It seems that in some markets across Canada, bidding wars are still going strong in investment real estate. During the real estate boom sellers were using an under pricing gambit that is still working, despite the slow down in that market.

Toronto is seeing the burnt of this competitive pricing strategy, all to stir up competition, with 25 percent of their properties being underpriced. Vancouver came in second at 17 percent while Calgary took third place with its 12 percent. Nationwide, BMO’s Home Buying Report noted that some 15 percent of property owners would lowball prices just to generate a bidding war.

BMO does concede that those estimates are lower than the same time period in 2012. During that boom year sellers were employing that strategy in…
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March was a good month for Calgary’s real estate market, particularly in the resale end of things. The city took the top spot in Canada as far as the best price growth when comparing one month to the next, according to a just released survey by the Teranet National Bank. Its composite House Price Index noted that prices in Calgary went up by 1.3 percent after seeing them decline for the prior three months. That decline added up to a 2.2 percent deficit. Comparing this March to March of 2012, prices in Calgary increased by 5.7 percent.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Calgary senior market analyst, Richard Cho, noted that availability in the resale market has dropped. More buyers along with fewer properties do help bring real estate prices up.…
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Rather than Canada’s mining sector, which typically produces a number of public offerings on the TSX or the TSX Venture exchanges, it is the REITs that are showing to be the super stars of 2013’s third quarter. That mining sector had no public offerings at all.

The real estate sector, on the other hand, brought three IPOs to the table, making its investors some $422 million according to a survey by PwC. Experts believe that this trend will continue. The real estate world now extends beyond the typical home purchases and that fact is showing up in the market numbers.

Investors are becoming more interested in REITs because of the positive yield possibilities. People are simply more interested in real estate at the moment than they are in mining, and that’s…
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You’ve taken the plunge and invested in some rental real estate. You have good tenants that don’t drive you nuts and provide a decent cash flow. So how do you hang on to these sometimes hard to find people, the ones that are making your job a whole lot easier?  Help reduce your tenant turnover with these suggestions.

Make Rent Paying Easier

In this busy world it’s easy to forget to put that rent check in the mail or drop by the rental office. Perhaps your tenant has to travel for his employment and isn’t always around at the first of the month. Making rent paying easier can ease the stress levels for you and your tenant. One way is to take post-dated cheques, then just deposit them when due. Another popular option is to use direct debit or e-transfer for…
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Calgary’s real estate year is getting off to a prolific start. Unlike years past, the first quarter of 2013 has seen brisk sales, with some properties selling within days of being put on the market.

The Calgary Real Estate Board attributes this activity to a reduced inventory and increased demand. This year so far, the number of homes on the MLS system is down by 20 percent compared to what they were in 2012.

That agency’s Ann Marie Laurie noted that properties are not staying listed like they used to. Days on market averages are starting to go down, which causes average prices to go up. So far a single family home’s average price is nine percent higher than it was during the first quarter of 2012.

The price increase is also being helped by the number of…
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