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Of all the debt garnered by Alberta’s far flung towns, cities and counties, Calgary owes the most. The city accounts for 42 percent of provincial debt, with $3.2 billion on the books. All the municipalities together owed some $7.7 billion during 2011, which is higher than the $7.1 billion owed in 2010. Back in 2004 that number was closer to $2.5 billion. That is the first year that the figures were available.

One opinion is that this is a good thing, that it reflects a positive outlook by politicians that are anticipating significant population growth. Others aren’t so sure, citing a possible imbalance of provincial and municipal government resources. The province itself is debt-free, its individual municipalities, in most cases, are not.

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Looking for work next year? You just may be in luck. Manpower Inc. just released their survey that polled more than 1,900 employers across Canada. They found that during the first three months of 2013, some 13 percent of them have plans to hire. The report also noted that for some in-demand jobs, salaries would be going up.

Quebec was the exception. For all other regions January until March is expected to be a prime hiring season, particularly in the Maritimes and Western Canada. Byrne Luft, Manpower Canada’s operations vice president noted that public utilities and transportation jobs are expected to see the biggest increase. Also of note will be careers in real estate, insurance, finance, construction and in the service industry.

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The Calgary International Airport is in the midst of a $2 billion facelift, and passengers flying out of that facility are going to be paying a considerable part of that bill. Beginning in March of 2013, the airport will be charging an airport improvement fee of $30 on any flight that originates in Calgary. Currently that charge is $25. The charge is part of your ticket price.

Fort McMurray and Calgary will then share the second-highest airport improvement charges in Canada. The top honors still go to Bathurst in New Brunswick, which tacks on a $40 fee to every flight originating from that locale.

The improvement fees in Calgary already saw an increase in 2011, when the $22 per ticket fee went to the current $25. Jody Moseley noted that the increases are…
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