April 2012

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The Calgary Real Estate Board noted that March saw a decline in the number of homes listed and at the same time an increase in single family home sales. New listings are coming into the market at very good prices, generating interest and activity. But looking at the year over year price growth in Calgary for a typical home, comparing this March to last, was 2.9 percent. That is within the normal range, according to Bob Jablonski, the board’s president.

There is debate over whether this is causing an increase in multiple offers, but Jablonski noted that multiple offers can happen for a number of reasons. These could include a unique style property or one that is listed at a very good price. Single family homes did see a 10.3 percent increase in sales this…
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Emergency doctors in Alberta, speaking through their representatives, are trying to get the point across that the political parties within the province are not taking health care concerns seriously enough. In fact, all of them are over-simplifying an issue that is anything but simple.

Dr. Felix Soibelman, the Alberta Medical Association president of the emergency medicine sector, along with Dr. Paul Parks, who previously advised the Torries of a possible collapse in the emergency care system, both crafted a letter to the Journal. In it they noted that the emergency care fast-track system, advocated by Alison Redford and the Progressive Conservative party, is nothing different than what is already being done. Cases such as broken bones or burns are

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University of Calgary researchers have come up with a software program that can detect breast cancer even before a tumour forms. Dr. Leo Desautels, a radiologist, and engineers at the Schulich School of Engineering were responsible for the design.

The study included looking at 106 mammogram images that had already been deemed normal, but then later on the women involved all developed breast cancer. The software was able to take another look at the images, focusing on suspicious areas that were previously missed. The images were taken, on average, 15 months before there were noticeable signs or lumps found leading to a diagnosis.

Raj Rangayyan, a lead researcher, called these areas architectural distortions. In a healthy breast, all the tissues, blood

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Calgary’s office vacancy rate reached a mind-blowing 15.7 percent back in 2010’s second quarter. During the first quarter of 2012, that rate went down to 6.1 percent. That is quite the drop from the 2010 numbers, as well as from the 11.5 percent seen during the first quarter of 2011.

The first quarter figure would have been as low as 4.7 percent without the completion of The Bow. This downtown skyscraper brought 1.9 million square feet of space to the table and was responsible for what was a virtual free-fall of the vacancy rate. There will be much shuffling from one building to another when Encana and Cenovus leave their current offices to take up residence in The Bow. Other companies are waiting to backfill the offices they left behind.

The office market…
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