March 2012

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The government is considering changing the mortgage rules yet again. But, according to figures from Stats Canada, the household credit index fell from 151.9 percent to 150.6 percent during the third quarter. That debt includes not only mortgages, but consumer credit and various loans. Apparently Canadians are becoming slightly more conservative as far as spending goes.

At the same time the overall debt load did increase, going from $1.59 trillion to $1.6 trillion in that same quarter. The saving grace was that the increase in disposable income was greater. It is this rising income that has the Canadian government reconsidering the rules change.

Mortgage firms, and certainly the real estate industry as a whole would like the rules to remain the same. But Jim…
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A fundraiser centered around Gary Mar has stirred the pot in the Alberta Legislature. Premier Alison Redford has placed Mar on unpaid leave. He is the province’s Asian trade envoy. John Chomiak, Mar’s finance chairman last year in the leadership race, noted it was a stupid move. Stephen Carter who is a campaign strategist noted that Chomiak was operating under the old Conservative party mind set.

Carter noted that the Redford leadership makes the Conservatives more transparent, something that would not exist under a Mar leadership. Carter also noted that Mar should be able to give his version of the story, and perhaps the suspension was a bit premature. He doesn’t want the Conservative party to be thought of as being the same as the Wildrose party,

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If you are intending to sell your property, and want to get the most out of it, doing a little bit of renovation can go a long way. But before you go out and spend hard earned cash for that upgraded bathroom or new kitchen take a look at what those improvements would do to the bottom line. Look at costs for the renovations vs. what you would actually get out of them.

It is also becoming more prevalent, in these economic times, for owners to do as much of the renovations on their own. This DIY mentality can save money, but really only if you know what you are doing. But if you are blessed with a green hammer thumb then you could save a considerable sum while increasing your property value at the same time.

Another wise move is to take a good look at

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Sales in the resale housing market in the Calgary region are heating up. In February, sales were up 11 percent over February of 2011. Some 1,284 single family homes were sold, compared to the 1,169 seen the prior year. The biggest increase was seen in housing priced between $500,000 and $549,000. February of 2011 saw 65 sales in this price range, while last month saw 106.

The hottest area was Zone A, which covers northwest Calgary, that saw 465 sales. January saw the most sales in this area as well, but there were only 271 properties changing hands. Tuscany was the hottest neighborhood, accounting for 40 of those February sales. The price point averaged $504,347.

Zone B was the slowest part of the region, which is northeast Calgary. This part of the city saw…
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