February 2012

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Is Calgary up for another real estate boom? It is a possibility. The population is steadily increasing, bolstered by an increasing number of jobs available. Statistics Canada’s latest report, issued this past Wednesday, noted that Calgary’s population had grown by 12.6 percent from 2006 to 2011. At latest count, over 1.2 million people call the city and surrounding metropolitan area home.

All of these people mean more housing starts, both in the single family and condo markets. Tom Logel, one of the partners of Cardel Lifestyles, a Calgary developer, noted that more and more housing inventory is being more quickly absorbed. By the end of 2012 there will be no surplus. Logel also predicts this to be a new cycle in Calgary real estate. The last one ended in

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Looking for prime downtown office space in Calgary? If you can find what you are looking for, prepare to spend some big bucks on that space. Barclay Street Real Estate put out a report noting that more and more potential tenants are looking beyond that downtown core. They are targeting both the Beltline and neighboring suburban areas.

These two leasing options do have their advantages. Lower rental prices for one. Easier and more parking for another. Traffic is also not as congested in the outlying areas. Those owning property in the Beltline and emerging suburban markets are starting to spruce up those holdings. If that property is open land, there may very well be a new development underway before you know it.

Barclay’s report noted that in 2010 the…
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Doug Griffiths is the new minister of municipal affairs in Alberta, and he is concerned about the proposed Calgary Regional Partnership plan, or CRP. Griffiths has yet to support the plan because of concerns about urban expansion, and the fact that a voting structure allows Calgary veto privileges.

The minister also does not want to force membership by the various municipalities, because in doing so it becomes less of a cooperative partnership and more of a forced association. Such situations often impede free flowing discussions, and may end up with those municipalities refusing to work together.

Right now the plan for the Calgary Metropolitan Plan is being rewritten. It was to be done by this past December, but an extension was granted, with the new

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The exclusive complex known as The River has just made Calgary real estate history. A condo that takes up the entire 12th floor and offers 5,260 square feet of living space just sold for $8.3 million, setting a new record. The towered complex fronts the Elbow River, and is at 135 26th Ave. S.W.

The luxury property has seen eight sales already, with three more pending, and construction won’t even start until April. These sales have brought in $5.7 million, $5.5 million with other units at around the $3 million mark. All sales have been to local business leaders, anxious to snap up what is some of the last waterfront property in Calgary. Completion date is scheduled for early in 2014.

Homes at The River start at $1.8 million and go up to $4.3 million. The…
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