September 2011

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Things are looking up for Gary Mar, Alberta’s former health minister. He is looking to become the leader of the Tories and so far has claimed victory in 52 out of the 83 ridings throughout the province. In total, he took 41 percent of the first round vote. To win, he must win over 50 percent. The final vote takes place in less than two weeks.

Running against Mar are Doug Horner and Alison Redford. Horner claimed victory in 13 ridings, mostly in the north and in Edmonton. Redford took ten, and all of Calgary except one. Both of these candidates have very slim numbers in parts of the province, and a lot of work ahead to secure more support. This means that for now Mar is in the driver’s seat.

Conservative politics in Alberta is usually split along

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Real estate sales in Canada are doing well, despite the current global economic climate. This year, 2011, has turned out to have a much more balanced market than 2010. Sales activity went up 15.8 percent over 2010, and home prices increased an average of 7.7 percent, translating to $349,916 per home this past August. The Canadian Real Estate Association believes this means consumer confidence, at least in real estate, remains high.

More local markets are experiencing balanced conditions in 2011. The national price average remains high, but that is calming down, thanks to fewer high-end sales in Toronto and Vancouver, which tended to skew that average upwards. Ottawa and Toronto both saw an increase in sales, on all levels, while Vancouver, Montreal and…
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