August 2011

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Calgary’s population is not only blossoming because of all those immigrants coming into the city to get jobs, it is also experiencing a booming birth rate. If things continue as they are, Alberta Health Services is expecting 18,000 births by the end of 2011. That would break the previous record that was set in 2007. During that year, according to Heart 2 Heart’s spokesperson Rebecca Eras there was somewhere between 15,000 and 17,000 babies born in the city.

Throughout Alberta, the best guess is that 50,000 babies will be born by the end of 2011. Forty percent are expected to be in the Calgary region. Alderman Shane Keating, from the 12th Ward, notes that city officials have been preparing for the record number of births. There were indications, as far

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Interest rates are at all time lows right now. If you have an existing mortgage it may be worth it to refinance, particularly if the rate you currently are paying is considerably more. But it is best to study the situation before actually getting that new mortgage.

One item to look at is when your current mortgage is up for renewal, and what the rates will most likely be at that time. Considering that different analysts often come up with conflicting answers that may be hard to predict. But consider this, the five year fixed rates currently available have not been seen for the last 50 years. The current five-year fixed rate is the lowest it has ever been in Canada.

That means that even if you refinanced your home for 50 percentage points less than your…
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Getting potential clients to look at a property means grabbing their attention before they even step inside the front door. This is what is known as curb appeal. It is akin to window shopping. Think about it, you walk down a downtown street or along a mall corridor and check out what is in the windows. An enticing window invites you into the shop and is an effective sales tool. Shopping for a home is psychologically no different. The next time you drive down a neighborhood street, take a look at the homes and see which one you would most like to enter.

The first step in getting a home ready for sale is to give it a good wash. That means front, sides and all the windows. This may mean a coat of paint if taking off that layer of dirt reveals a less than

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The Conference Board of Canada predicts that housing starts throughout the Calgary area will show improvement in both the short and long term. This past July, the metropolitan area showed 5,977 units started according to Friday’s report from the Metropolitan Monthly Monitors. Economist Jane McIntire advised that the short term predictions were based on data for residential permits. McIntire advised that building permit numbers are increasing in Calgary.

As far as the long term predictions, demographic requirements were considered. That means looking at employment, population growth and how the economy is shaping up. So far McIntire sees all three of those items on the increase, and showing stable growth. That growth indicates that housing starts will also…
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It doesn’t look like there is going to be a Calgary housing boom anytime soon. But perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing. Calgary, as well as Edmonton, will be two of the few metropolitan areas in the nation that will see higher sales and increases in the average home selling price, predicts TD Economics.

Across Canada, the resale real estate market is expected to see a decrease of in activity of 15.2 and a 10.2 percent drop in average per home price. Toronto and Vancouver are expected to be the hardest hit. Calgary will go against the national grain and post slight increases in both categories.

TD Economics is expecting some 21,400 sales this year, with an increase to 22.500 sales by the last month of 2013. As far as price, it will be a moderate gain, but…
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