April 2011

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All school districts within the province of Alberta are having to get by with smaller budgets these days. In Calgary, even though their budgets have also been whittled down, the public and separate school boards are spending a larger proportion of those funds on trustees and top officials than boards elsewhere in Alberta. The Calgary Catholic School Board spends 3.8 on upper management and the CBE allocates 3.7 percent for the same reason.

In Edmonton and Red Deer, only 2.7 percent of the budget goes to headquarters expenses. The provincial average is 3.4 percent and the provincial overall cap, the amount that no board may exceed, is 4.0 percent. Dave Hancock, the Education Minister notes that while he does not want to advise boards how to manage their

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President Obama announced his plan for a 30-percent reduction in the amount of oil imported by the U.S. over a 14-year period. While doing this, he cited Canada as one of the few nations that the U.S. considers stable sources of reliable energy.

Obama’s initiative was announced during a time in which gas prices continue to rise and conflicts escalate in the Middle East. At present, America’s oil imports total 11 million barrels daily. Obama seeks to increase the domestic production of oil, invest in biofuels and develop heightened usage of natural gas. He also reiterated an ongoing goal to make all vehicles more fuel-efficient.

Obama stated that the U.S. could no longer continue to rely upon a finite source of energy, even when oil supplies are

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