Calgary News and Notes From The Market

Factors that affect Calgary real estate values

There are many factors that can affect real estate values . The biggest factor is the number of listings to sales . Currently in May 2018 , there are almost 9000 listings . With about 1400 sales per month . That works out to about 1 in 5 homes or so selling per month . Another huge factor is what part of the cycle are we in ? In Calgary , it's clearly a buyers market with lots of options and choices out there . If your looking for a condo -the deals are very much out there .

Borrowing  power factor  - with the new government rules -you get less property for your money . This means that as incomes decrease so do property values . There is much less money supply in the current market place . The cost of

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Calgary investment real estate 

Did you know that a lot of people increase their net worth thru real estate ? On all the books I have read , the leaders in growing their financial futures either own a business or have income producing real estate . In school , you do not get taught how to run a business , nor do you get taught how to retire , younger without working till your are 70 years old . The challenge with Canada , is that the majority of the wealth building occurs over time .  Students go to school to get educated , however they don't know or understand how to grow their asset column unfortunately .

Why buying a second property makes sense ? 

Look at today's interest rates ? How low can they go ? As of May 2018 , they are probably going

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If you are staying in town for the Calgary may long weekend - here are a few places or events to check out , including picnic in the park ! Do you like food trucks ? With this sunny weekend you sure will appreciate the ability to enjoy these outstanding places and maybe even try some of the food that's out there! It's located in the Victoria Park area ! 

Heritage park opens up May long


This classic location is kid friendly ! Go on the rides on the antique highway . You can even take a tour or ride the train . It's located off 14th street in the southwest part of the city .You will see a lot of interesting history in the area .

Construction areas to avoid 

17 TH ave SW Calgary is a total gong show . The city is digging up prime real estate

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Calgary is a city known for 6 months of winter and 6 months of construction. This city is well known for its beauty in the spring and summer months ! If for some reason you have never been here , it's one of the most sunniest cities in Canada ! Within an hour or so you can take a drive to Banff or even Canmore !

Spring is in the air and with that comes cleaning and getting ready to cut the lawn , get the BBQ out and enjoy the next few months ! If you are coming from out of province to this city the beautiful times of year are usually from May to about October. The stampede is in the month of July and attracts people from all over the world . A lot of concerts occur during the 10 days of excitement in this city .

Farmers markets are running full

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Bishop Grandin High School (Something Extraordinary For Every Student)


Bishop Grandin High School is one of the largest high schools in Calgary with a student enrollment of over 1,800 students. It is located at 111 Haddon Road SW, Calgary, Alberta, in the community of Haysboro. BGHS serves the surrounding communities of Acadia, Fairview, Kingsland, Eagle Ridge, Pump Hill, Palliser, Braeside, Southwood, and Willow Park. The school also has attendees from all areas of the south and greater Calgary area.

 Communites in Calgary Close to Bishop Grandin

Bishop Vital Grandin was born on February 8, 1929, in Mayenne, France, and was ordained into the priesthood in 1854. He spent a life devoted to the conversion of the Indian peoples and came to the

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Calgary , Alberta is a diverse place in Canada , where spring time is a great time of year to appreciate the local events and scenery that is available out there . Much depending on the weather ,  you have a huge choice in outdoor and indoor activities to get excited about . Known to have snow still in the month of March , many people with their families really enjoy skating in the various outdoor skating rinks . Fun communities in the Sw of the city for this include Braeside ,  Elbow Park and the glen-more area .

Calgary spots to walk .

With so much green space available you will be amazed why Calgarians love to get outside and be active . Fish creek park down south is a favourite for lots of fresh air. Popular districts include deer run , parkland

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When you are looking for insurance , its important you understand exactly what you are getting for your hard earned buck . First and foremost , insurance is based on the principle that you pay a premium based on risk . This includes factors like claims history previous , how long you have been insured , the type of insurance you have covered , any lapse in your policy , have you insured your home, car and business before ?   

Tips on how to pay less 

Always shop around ! Get a quote . Find about different deductibles ? See if you can get professional designation or group work discounts . Discounts would include claims free , age , multi line for example your car and home bundled up. Alarms discounts , online web discounts , postal code or not in

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When you are looking for a place to call home - often it can be based on where you grew up . I am here to help you appreciate the outstanding neighbourhoods in this city . Let's start with the various quadrants in the city and highlight what comes to mind ! Calgary has a lot do great mature areas to look at in terms of schools , crime data , shopping and travel to work . The first place to always consider Is the southwest part of the city . Let's focus on a community called South wood . 

Southwood is a great SW district .

This particular area is bordered by elbow drive and Anderson road . It has a lot of shopping along elbow drive and 14 street SW. Planet Organic , Bank of Montreal , Pizza Hut , Safeway and Starbucks are all very  close . It

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There are many interesting things that are happening this year for Feb 14, 2016 known to many as Valentines day . It's surely time for a romantic break and this year will be a good choice for many as it arrives in fashion on a Sunday !   The shopping malls and restaurants will be packed with people finding gifts and ideas around this time of year .

Here are some romantic ideas and gifts to consider for that special someone.  Chocolate a fan favourite for both sex's.  You can never go wrong with some enjoyable truffles and or milk chocolate .  Don't ever to forget to include that all important card - showcasing your love , thoughtfulness and desire . Be sure always to be thankful for the one that you love .


Flowers and roses are in high demand .

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There is a dramatic shift that is happening in the world . Many consumers are turning to the web in order too compete with business or services that used to be brick and mortar types . What my blog is about how you can connect to these changes , adapt and the implications on you . In the next 5 to 10 years the world will become much more connected .

Facebook is creating along with Google an amazing experience for its users . More satellites are being created to improve how things are being done . Many of the worlds populations live in remote areas and what the nice option of having access to exceptional opportunities . Humanity is about service and how to improve or enhances services , people or products .

For examples if you are looking to buy,

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